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Would you risk showing that important document to your friends or work colleagues or even potential business partners, if you haven’t had it translated properly? One typo, one cultural insensitivity, one nonsensical phrase, could be an expensive mistake in your line of work.

‘But we used Google Translate’ and ‘I used DeepL’

We use them too! They are invaluable. But machine translation methods are only one of many instruments in our linguistic toolbox.

Imagine you ask several friends at your wedding to take the photos because you don’t want to pay all that money for a professional photographer. You get back from the honeymoon, dizzy with joy, and your friends present you with several hundred images of your special day. Some are blurred, others are good close-ups of the grass in all its glory, in one there looks to be a tree coming out of the groom’s head, and several are selfies (!?). True, there are lots of exquisite pictures too!

Machine translation presents a similar picture – but in words. Most of the time the actual words are correct, even some sentences, but rarely whole paragraphs.

With the intervention of an experienced human translator the right words will appear in the right place, without unnecessary repetitions or downright inaccuracies. All the translators in our team have an affinity with the source language and are highly skilled wordsmiths not only in the target language but also in your field of expertise.

Do your words a favour … Have them translated by a professional!