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Text Editing

You’ve written a scientific article or a thesis in a foreign language. Or maybe a short story, or a business plan. Or perhaps you’ve had Google translate a text and want it checked over.

Of course you are an expert in your field – but you feel less confident about your writing skills. You would like to ensure that the language is correct and your text reads well for your target audience.

That’s where we can help. Not many things give us more pleasure than polishing up your words, like a stone-cutter buffing up a diamond!

From our team of linguists we will select a native speaker of your source text who also has experience in your field. Your E-Lango specialist can perform a basic proofreading check for grammatical errors, and pick up inconsistencies or inaccuracies, and refine phrasing where necessary. A more in-depth editing service is also available for help re-structuring or even re-writing your text.

Do your words a favour … Have them proofread by a professional!